Koori Mail: Thirty years of reporting on Aboriginal Australia

“It is the ideal opportunity for the Aboriginal people group to stand up and be heard, to procure the regard we merit and to recover our confidence following 200 years of severe exploitation,” it proceeded.

The Koori Mail, Australia’s just completely native claimed and oversaw paper, was brought into the world on 23 May 1991.

‘Bigoted Violence: The Hidden Facts’ was the first page feature. The story was about another report into bigoted savagery in Australia and how Aboriginal individuals were confronting significant degrees of maltreatment in police authority.

Not a great deal has changed 30 years on, says Naomi Moran, the Koori Mail’s head supervisor.

“We’re actually printing similar features, similar stories, similar dissatisfactions, similar encounters, and how that has in a real sense involved life and demise for a portion of our kin,” Ms Moran says.

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